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Coming august 1st the Dutch artist Antoinette Nausikaä will present her new publication First moment of things I saw at the Chinese European Art Center in Xiamen. This artist book is the newest expression of her long-term undertaking Stone-time, an art project around sacred mountains in which she explores the current authority and timelessness of these places. In the past Antoinette Nausikaä worked around mt Fuji (Japan), mt Olympus (Greece) and mt Ararat (Eastern Turkey/Armenia), in China she traveled along the five great sacred mountains –– the Wŭ Yuè/五岳 . Usually she works and lives on and around the mountains for an extended period of time, observing them and using them as her home and studio. During these working periods she collects materials. In many cases she uses herself in her photographs depicting her relationship towards the direct environment accompanied by minimalistic ink drawings or texts of observations in which she reacts to what she sees and feels, and sculptures that relate in a physical way to that what she is experiencing. Later she creates and constructs art pieces such as an installation or, like in the case of the Chinese sacred mountains, a publication. These productions also explore issues of our universal human behavior and emotions, wonderment, time, space and self. Through her contemplative way of working Nausikaä aims to tap into a different layer of seeing and experiencing, thus exposing what the current perception of accelerating time and shortened attention span altogether ignore.

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