Water (SHUǏ)



August 31 at 5 PM, 2013


August 31 till September 14, 2020


CEAC, Xiamen, China

水is the title that embraces a set of pieces that follows the inspiration of the artist Stella Rahola Matutes. The manufacture of the material acquires the protagonism under her philosophy of not existing any poetical meaning in any material. It is the form and the way we work or assemble the material that we can reach something close to beauty. In fact, Shui is an installation made of pieces of stainless steel and glass that split its character of industrial use and turned into the side of the sensuality, the corporeal, immobile and vibrating, or the fluid and the weightlessness. Taking parallelism of the water (shui), the work remains impregnated with the subjective experience that the artist has lived in China.

Even that Stella comes from Mediterranean Sea; she has felt in this tropical landscape of China the strong presence of the water. The water suspended in the air of the dampness, the water crossing the body as sweat, the violence of the nature in the shape of typhoons, the importance of the tea ceremony, where the water even runs over the wood table to warm the cups, or even the diluted Chinese ink as a tool of expression, the water of the sea for fishing… All these aspects connected with life… the organicity of the taichí as a flow, the soft and seductive movement of the Chinese calligraphy, or even the rhythm of the traffic, never drastic, but never intermittent, always fluid and crazy like a dancing. Shui….

Everything sensitive is not any more than a symbol. The artist is not the slave of the nature. The nature is constructed by the personal experience.


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