Sorry Out of order


July 14 at 5 PM, 2012


July 14 till 28, 2012


CEAC, Xiamen, China

At the basis of all my work lies a strong fascination for natural processes and phenomena. These sometimes dramatic processes, such as isolation, expansion, transformation, growth and decay are interpreted in a poetic, personal and sometimes cynical/humouristic way. Associations with architectural proposals allow these works to enter a twilight zone between desire and reality that in turn raises questions about their function or meaning. On the one hand they can be seen as comments on our everyday surroundings and urban environment by proposing buildings that seem to be designed for the expression of discomfort, spirituality or a lack of ideology or function. Other works transgress this seemingly critical attitude. In these works the strong links to the aforementioned natural or universal processes and their psychological parallels prevail and cause the proposed structures to be nothing more but representations of a particular state of mind or personality.

Sorry, out of order” is an exhibition about inabilities and failure. About disrupted communication and abandoned dreams. About breaking things and trying to fix them back up. It is about the tragedies in everyday life and its non-enduring moments of glory and despair. It is about unbridled optimism versus the dreadful consequences of some kinds of optimism. It is about certain feelings of shame that cause serious memory loss. It’s about things that you still wouldn’t do even if you had the chance to do it all again. It is about creating more space for more trash. About witnessing a collapsing civilisation and dancing the night away. It is about human beings trapped in something but not knowing, nor caring what it is. It is about not knowing what lies ahead but whatever it is; there is no way back to where you came from. You have passed the point of no return. It is about the catalyzing qualities of alcohol. It is about the catastrophic qualities of alcohol. It is about things getting lost in the translation of this text. It is about my inability to truly express to you my deepest feelings because I am having second thoughts about actually having them. It is about not being able to save a dear friend from impending doom because he doesn’t believe it’s going to happen. It is about being too far away to spot a person drowning. About somebody being beaten up by life on a daily basis but still not wanting to end the relationship. It’s about broken friends. It is about me worrying about all these things but not doing much about them. I can’t because I’m probably a little broken myself. I desperately need maintenance. I need a qualified mechanic. So for now I’m sorry but I’m out of order…


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