CEAC video group exhibition


September 22 at 5 PM, 2012


September 22 till October 13, 2012


CEAC, Xiamen, China


AnneMarie van Splunter
Title: A Day Such As This (Amsterdam version)
Running time: 8:33 minutes

The 9 year old pupils of class 5A of primary school De Witte Olifant in Amsterdam open their curtains to start the day.
Visual artist AnneMarie van Splunter filmed the children at their homes.
The film shows 21 children, 21 curtains and 21 views on a small part of the city of Amsterdam.
An optimistic welcoming of a new day, accompanied by Bill Withers’s song “Lovely Day”.

Sabina Maria van der Linden
Title: Fluffy minimalism
Running time: 9:15 minutes

These performances were recorded by the group exhibition of artists Fluffy Minimalism Ursula Döbereiner and Sabina Maria van der Linden which presented in the gallery Laura Mars. Directions, mathematical formulas, musical notation or the placement of furniture in a room – when someone tries to explain something figuratively, but words and gestures are often not sufficient, then either pen and paper and create a drawing. These records Ursula Döbereiner has collected over the years traced the computer and superimposed. As wall to wall papered computer printouts form the basis for their drawings, three levels of decoration Sabina Maria van der Linden consisting catwalk performances and Muzak, which are presented in the exhibition Fluffy Minalism. The artist presents decorative Interiors: delicate tulle pompom and a Styrofoam sculpture on which Esther Quade and Beate Kaulitz move hose and burkaartigen costumes and show up as the remote-controlled puppet of a tower clock movement and disappear.

Rumiko Hagiwara
Title: Exit in my studio/ Stick and x
Running time: 3:37 minutes

My works consists of tiny changes in the daily life. It is based on the notion that spaces contain memories and time as a result o human action and behavior. These memories can easily be ignored as our attention is distracted by elements that occupy our daily life. I point the attention to this phenomenon by suggesting the viewer to notice and rediscover trivial things.

I think phenomena of the world surrounding us always have some kind of system bounds or frameworks, but we are not aware of being part of such bounds in spite of the fact that all bounds come from just daily life.
I started to use photo and video often since 2008. I found the way to use these registrations to document my minimalistic intervention of life, translation the documentation into the art itself.

Wineke Gartz
Title: River Walk 2009
Running time: 12 minutes

A video collage made with two partly overlapping video projections of images shot in Kitakyushu, Japan in 2003 and 2004. Wineke Gartz became friends with some of the homeless men and women at the time she was living in Japan during a one year artist residency at that time. The footage is shot in different times of the year, such as summer time, Christmas time and during the rainy season. ‘River Walk’ shows the homeless Japanese men and women in their habitats in public parks and alongside the rivers. In the center of town they were living underneath a steel arcade next to a shopping and amusement center called ‘River Walk’, where they had made the benches into their temporary homes. In Gartz’ video dyptich, these images are partly overlapping with images of a busy restaurant area nearby, and with images of the omnipresent Christmas decoration in the shopping streets: castles made out of Christmas lights. They form a comforting and utopian background for the homeless men. The song in the video is ‘House of cards’ by Radiohead. ‘River Walk’ is part of the project ‘Men become Flowers’ (2003 – 2006). See for more information the press release

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