Bú Kè Qi (don’t mention it)


Saturday December 3 at 4pm, 2011


December 3 till 24, 2011


CEAC, Xiamen, China

Bú Kè Qi (don’t mention it) is the nonchalant title of this installation. This title however, has a lot to tell. When I sense Xiamen I feel the lightness and energy of an upcoming nation, of a rising sun, the citizens and their dreams. Like a dress dancing on the laundry lines in the numerous alleys of Xiamen, playing with the wind, enjoying the sun. I tried to visualize this feeling by hanging transparent shapes on laundry lines near the ceiling of the CEAC as a kind of empty wishing balloons. The balloons cannot rise by themselves yet but need to get content by dreams and fantasies of the visitors.

A wish or a dream is not meant to become reality in my believe. Especially if dreams are realized for the sake of materialism the balloon can explode like a soap bubble and “a great nothing” could appear. Still it is interesting to have dreams and fantasies. They almost seem to be a luxury in-between the speed of our stressed existence.

During my countless walks in the streets of Xiamen I met all kind of situations and impressions which associated me for example with tenderness, fascination, joy, hope and reality. I visualized these and many more different emotions in a series of photos from the city. By displaying them on the ground it makes our visitors the vertical rising connection between reality and dreams.

You are invited to fill the balloons with your dreams and fantasies. Don’t mention your thoughts but enjoy your own private moment in silence…….


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