The Red Snowball

group exhibition


September 17 at 5 PM, 2010


September 17 till 30, 2010


CEAC, Xiamen, China

This exhibition entitled The Red Snowball is the last part of the three celebration exhibitions on the occasion of the ten year anniversary of the Chinese European Art Center. The first one called The Dialogue has held in November from last year here at the Art Center and also in the exhibition space of the Art College – the second one Dialogue 2010 was held at the Dutch Cultural Centre in Shanghai in May and June this year.

The participants in the Red Snowball exhibition have all been working with the CEAC in the past ten years and are all connected to The Netherlands and China in one way or another.

Participants exhibition: The Red Snowball

Meiya Lin (CN/NL)
Lost paradise, Video work

Kan Xuan (CN)
Try Out, Video works

Yang Jian (CN)
Pigfat and Linear Narrative, Video works

Chen Wenling (CN)
Happy Life No. 21, Sculpture

Jia Zhixing (CN) Postgraduate student Xiamen University Art College Memento, Collage

Paul Kooiker (NL)
“Untitled” 2007 (Swimming Men in Sea), photo works

Sigurdur Gudmundsson (IS/NL/CN)
Head and Cauliflower, 2009, video

Gerald van der Kaap (NL)
Photo works: Fang & Limei (Kiss), Fang & Limei (Make-up), Passing the Information, Limei (Watch),
Video work: Weiwei (Track)

Monique Verhoeckx (NL)
‘The old harp’ based from one of the poems from the Chinese poet Po Tsju Bai Juyi and J.Slauerhoff from the book ‘A hundred and seventy Chinese poems’ (1925), film

Bas Prinsen (NL)
Section Xiamen 2007, photo works

Vroegop/Schoonveld (NL)
Among others, Installation 2010

Sema Bekirovic (NL)
Untitled (mountain) in cooperation with Rutger Emmenlkamp, Installation Untitled (ants), Video work

We celebrate this special occasion with book launch,’The Red Snowball’ The new book is about Ten Years Cross Cultural Activities of the Chinese European Art Center Xiamen University Art College.
It has been made in the past two years.
The book is a richly illustrated document of ten years activities of the Chinese European Art Center.
In 320 pages the book shows how fruitful the China-Europe has been from the very beginning of CEAC in 1999.

The Red Snowball contains images of artworks made by more than two hundred artists from more than twenty countries the Dutch and Chinese artists are specially highlighted because of their tied relationship with the CEAC, the Art College and The Netherlands.

The Red Snowball

Design: Irma Boom
Language: Chinese and English
Publisher: Hebei Press, China/ Jap Sam Books, The Netherlands

The book was published with the support of The Mondriaan Foundation, China Netherlands Art Foundation, The Xiamen University, De Gijselaar Hintzenfonds Foundation, AMPEK, The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Guangzhou.

The Red Snowball contains articles about the CEAC activities written by the following authors:

Tineke Rijnders, art historian and former chair woman of the CEAC foundation
Garrie van Pinxsteren, writer and journalist
Qin Jian, Professor Xiamen University Art College
Sigurdur Gudmundsson, artist
Carol Yinghua Lu, art historian and essayist
Leonard Blussé, Professor
Jos Howeling, Dean Sandberg Institute
Lucy Chen, former chief assistant CEAC
Vivian Zhang, editior Common Talk
Paul Hefting, art historian
Allard Schroder, writer
Sally Zhiwei Chen, Foreign Office, Xiamen
Rashid Novaire, writer
Hong Rongman, artist


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