Dialogue 2010 at the Dutch Cultural Centre Shanghai World Expo


May 29 at 5 PM, 2010


May 29 till June 13, 2010


Dutch Cultural Centre, Shanghai World Expo

Dialogue 2010 at the Dutch Cultural Centre Shanghai World Expo
Celebration Exhibition of Ten Year of Chinese European Art Center with Book Launch.

The Chinese European Art Center (CEAC) has been invited by the Dutch Culture Centre (DCC) Shanghai Expo to organize an exhibition. The CEAC selected 24 artists from China and the Netherlands who have all been exhibiting and working in both countries. They are all strongly connected to the CEAC.

Participating artists at Dialogue 2010

• Kan Xuan – On wood ink paintings on rice paper, Untitled;Video work, title: Island.
• Meiya Lin – Video works, Title Once Upon a Time: Old Family Fairy Tale.
• Yang Jian – video works, titles: 84.000 Beings and Pigfat ;Linear Narrative.
• Liang Shuo – Sculpture. Title : What-thing
• Zhifei Yang – Video works. Titles: Day dreams; Dream talk
• Weina – Video work. Title: Mr. Zheng
• Maleonn – Photo works. Title: Journey to the West
• Huang Yan – Paintings. Title: Mountain Water Series
• Chen Chuanxi – Photoworks. Title:The Longan Tree I & II.
• Chen Wenling – Sculpture. Title: Happy Life No.21
• Jia Zhixing student Art Coll. Xiamen University. Title: Memento
• Paul Kooiker – Photo works. Title:Acute Chaos 2007
• Charlotte Schleiffert – 2 Paintings. Titles: Spring and White Lotus
• Sigurdur Gudmundsson – 3 Photo works and a video work.Title of video work: Head and cauliflower 2’9. Titles of photo works: 1. Five Males and an Egg. 2. Admirers of my work. 3. 16 Icelandic Carpenters and Deceased Philosophers
• Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács – Music video. Title: Virtual Girl is Singing Song: ’Everytime’
• Gerald van der Kaap – Photo works.Titles: “Fang & Limei (Kiss), Xiamen, 2002,
• “Passing the Information, Xiamen, 2002″,”Fang & Limei (Make-up), Xiamen, 2002”, “Limei (Watch), Xiamen, 2002″ Video work, title:”Weiwei (Track), Xiamen, 2002”,
• Bas Princen – Photo work. Title: Sections Xiamen 2007
• Scarlett Hooft Graafland – Photo works. Title: Horse Hair; My Bonny; The day after Valentine. Porcelain sculpture. Title: Instant Sculpture
• Vroegop/Schoonveld – Porcelain installation: PAUSE with movie, ‘ Dehua Ware White China’
• Sema Bekirovic – Installation and video work Title: Untitled (Ants)
• Aam Solleveld – Wall installation.
• Maartje Blans – Installation works. Titles: Dancing figures; Fleeting.
• Monique Verhoeckx – Film: ‘The old harp’ based from one of the poems from the Chinese poet Po Tsju I from the book ‘A hundred and seventy Chinese poems’(1925)
• Robert van der Hilst – Photo works with book launch. Title: Chinese interiors.


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