Isolated Situation

group exhibition


May 29 at 5 PM, 2009


May 29 till June 10, 2009


CEAC, Xiamen, China

Pass out of existence photography&video
Huang Xiaoqin
This is a series of photography and video work related to sleeping. “The moment when people fall asleep, does their consciousness disappear? Where do their souls go?” For a while their body and breathing sounds are the only proof of their existence. The details of subconscious thought again attracted me and led me to raise questions about my own existence.
In Suspension Painting, Mixed-medium
Xue Zenghui
There are more and more people in this world and less and less living space for us, a developing social problem. I feel nervous and fret when I face this. I’m trying to make myself be in suspension and float in the air, where I can draw on my notebook aimlessly. I do this because it’s the only way to extricate myself from pressure.
I draw my feelings on the tablecloth; place in it idyllic living scenes. It’s my attempt to bring my feelings of real life into my work: a place to escape to.

Between absence Installation Hotel room-2258, A series of project sketch
Chen Wei
“Unhappy, no passion, and without contact, are the characteristics of lonely animals. A lonely person lives in a room in a city, maybe each room in the city is exactly the same.” This sometimes extremely detached personal experience of people living in present society, is the topic on which my works focus on at the moment.

Factory that makes aircraft, installation
Lu Dawei
I have always paid attention to the theme of copying and mass production. I once dreamed of an absurd scene, where I saw a strange combination of horses, planes and the moon. I think that this combination is very interesting and can represent more about our responses towards influences of our environment on our subconscious. It is the main content of my creation.

Swirl Lighting Installation, Video
Jin Jing
This is an illusory scene of the city. The twinkling neon lights are like the colorful soap bubbles in the night sky, soaring, spinning, wandering…


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