Multiple Diminsions

Keith Brown


October 19 at 5 PM, 2007


October 19 till 25, 2007


CEAC, Xiamen, China

The use of the computer is a necessary and essential aspect of his current working process and is indispensable to the conception, content and quality of the artwork in this exhibition. His sculptures have not only a solid and actual world to live in, but also an imaginative and virtual world to transform and reform them. In this exhibition, you can see his work in 2D, 3D sculpture, video animation and 3D integral imaging. There are also, bronze, wax, gypsum and plastic sculptures which have been made from computer generated rapid prototypes. In the video animation, the sculptural forms are seen to exist in a cyber environment where apparently 3D objects can be seen to pass through each other producing a 4D effect.

Integral imaging is the highlight of this exhibition. It is like holography, producing a 3D effect but with incoherent light rather than laser light. The resulting 3D objects can be seen to exist in true space, in front of the picture plan, where spectators can put their hands directly into the 3D cyber objects.

This exhibition is sponsored by MIRIAD (Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design), curated by Dr. Tongyu Zhou and with the help of Mr Jian Qin of the Art College of Xiamen University. It is held at the Chinese European Art Centre in the Art College of Xiamen University from Friday 19th October to Thursday 25th October 2007.

We do hope you will enjoy the exhibition.


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