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Hao Lin
Dancing girl

I made a fictional historical type of work this time. It comes from specific texts of real historical events. It shows the event of dance girls’ against the ban on dancing. I separated some textual objects from it, but the author did not personally experience the event. He explored the panorama of the event by searching, reviewing and researching historical archives of relevant parties, books and oral history, as well as a comprehensive analysis of these materials and in-depth thinking.

The sociologist Maurice Halbwachs proposed the concept of “collective memory” in 1925, and this concept was later extended. It believes that researchers can study how to remember the past through landscapes or spaces through topics such as ceremonies, monuments, museums, and war journeys. But all interpretations are unstable, the truth is a meaningless concept, and all narratives have their inclinations. Thinking about history is taboo? Perhaps because of this, fiction has an amazing appeal for both the creator and the audience.

In this exhibition, I tried to present a living literature on the basis of fiction. It evolved from oral history, not only remembering words, but also remembering forms and imagery. “Every true history is contemporary history.” I am not gonna tell you the whole story now, but maybe you can figure it out at the exhibition site.

Liu Yining

I used to want to have a tube of my own blood so that I could show it in my exhibition. However, the doctor said that “no, we have to destroy it, you can’t keep it.” Finally I got an inspection report.

My blood has entered the medical procedures of the society and will soon be gone. Obliteration of somebody components destroy the fake-self-sense of belonging and domination to the body.

I don’t own me.

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