Adventures of The Little Travelling Academy

áslaug Thorlacius and Finnur Arnar


December 22 at 5 PM, 2006


December 22, 2006 till January 14, 2007


CEAC, Xiamen, China

Friday, 22 December 2006 of The Little Travelling Academy open s their exhibition in the Chinese European Art Center. Xiamen University Art college The members of the academy are: Icelandic visual artists áslaug Thorlacius and Finnur Arnar, together with their four children, Salv?r, Kristján, Hallgereur and Helga. Last September The Little Travelling Academy moved periodically from Reykjavík, Iceland to Xiamen, China. Since then they have had their headquarters near the old Typhoon Harbour where they have done various kinds of studies and research by different means.

They have been playing. They have been reading, writing and doing maths and they have gone through a lot of school assignments. They have made all kinds of things with their own hands, toys as well as tools. They have been drawing, painting, building, cutting, pasting, tieing, sewing and knitting. They have studied their neighbourhood with their senses and with the help of various techniques. They have been watching, listening and tasting. They have been recording and taking photographs. They have communicated with people. They have watched the everyday life of their neighbours and tried their best to imitate their habits. They have experimented. They have tried to realize as many of their ideas as possible. They have made mistakes. They have had success. They have learned a lot. The Little Travelling Academy has had a very good time in Xiamen.
The exhibition is a documentary installation about how The Little Travelling Academy spent its four months in Xiamen. It opens at 5 :00 pm. There will be performances at the opening. The Chinese European Art Center is open Wednesdays to Sundays, 10-12 am and 3-5 pm. The exhibition Adventures of The Little Travelling Academy lasts until January 14, 2007.


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