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A building as sculpture. Large-scale architectural installations in buildings that are subsequently demolished, are central to my work. Autonomous photo pieces are created on the basis of these installations. Until now I realized six architectural installations:
Destroyed House / Verwoest Huis (2008), Destroyed House Krasnoyarsk / Verwoest Huis Krasnoyarsk (2009), Destroyed House Piet Mondriaanstraat / Verwoest Huis Piet Mondriaanstraat (2010/2011), Destroyed House Bloemhof / Verwoest Huis Bloemhof (2012), Destroyed House Op Noord / Verwoest Huis Op Noord (2014), Destroyed House Leiden /Verwoest Huis Leiden (2015) and Destroyed House Gaza/ Verwoest Huis Gaza (2016/2017)

There is only a short list of artists who cut into buildings, artists who perforate buildings. Gordon Matta-Clark is a pioneer of the transformation of architecture into sculpture. Richard Wilson and Urs Fisher are two other artists who sometimes use this medium. For the rest there is only a conspicuous silence.

In my work the constructive force of building and the force of destruction and decline go hand in hand. To me, the polarity of construction – destruction, falling – standing, order – chaos is an essence of the human condition. A diabolic conflict. Dostoyevski argues that overcoming this polarity is beyond human power.

In my installations, these forces become manifest in monumental constructions. Floors have been tilted or cave in; walls have been broken out partially or completely. Floors drop straight down (becoming walls) or fall to form a diagonal cross. The destructions applied are the starting point for the construction of a new artistic image using demolition waste from the buildings themselves. Stackings (that branch out through the building like a virus) cover all walls or have been carefully organized into architectural sculptures. Everything is both standing and tilted.

A transformation of mostly small dwellings into one monumental spatial experience. The architectural interventions generate a new perspective on both the architectural and social structure of the building. Beside a raw visual language of chaos, demolition and destruction, my work has a highly abstract, minimalist character.

Each project is preceded by intensive consultation with the owner (developer, housing association or local authorities), officials of the municipality concerned (regarding the environmental or public licence), constructor (construction report) and contractor.

Painstaking work generates an image of both the power and the beauty of both construction and destruction. Most photographers take a photo, here photos are constructed.


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