Stories of Dystopia

Klitsa Antoniou


September 10 at 5 PM, 2004


September 10 till 26, 2004


CEAC, Xiamen, China

Klitsa Antoniou is presenting her latest work at the Chinese European Art Center in Xiamen, on the 10h of September. The exhibition consists of multimedia installations constructions and photographs. The works are dealing with issues of displacement, hybridism, transience and mutation, utopia and dystopia, memory and identity.

Dr Antonis Danos, art historian, writes:In Stories of Dystopia, the viewer is led into a seemingly strange universe, which has been created by the stuff of wishes, dreams and frustrations, both our individual, as well as our collective ones, particularly, as in a bit ants of a small land, surrounded by water.

While using contemporary, ‘interational’artistic vocabularies, Antoniou’s work is deeply embedded in the history and the predicament of her homeland. Cyprus is a place with along, turbulent history, in the course of which, the ‘natives’ have rarely been allowed to determine their destiny, it is a place, moreover, with a wavering, as much as dead-end present, and with an uncertain future. The imaginary world, which Antoniou has installed, maybe seen as away out, as the desired escape, as an answer to her people’s frustrations.

This new environment looms, at once, utopian-an ideal place, object of our desire, and a new(brave?) world-and dystopian-a nightmarish space, in which we may enter only as “transmuted” beings.


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