Rendezvous at Xiamen

group exhibition


October 2 at 5 PM, 2002


October 2, 2002


CEAC, Xiamen, China

On October 2, 4 p.m. the exhibit on Rendezvous at Xiamen opens at the Chinese European Art Center. This is an exhibtion of works made by 28 artists from 14 countries(China, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Cameroon, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, Mexico, Japan, South-Africa, Ireland and the United States). Young artists from those foreign countries meet here in Xiamen and exchange ideas with 8 young artists from China and exhibit their works together with them. The foreign artists are at this moment staying in Xiamen, all of them come from the same institution in Amsterdam, called Rijksakademie. The Rijks akademie is not a school but an interational working space for 60 young artists, who are accepted for a
two-year working period after a strong selection. During their working period they have the possibility to concentrate on production, reflection and experiments under the best possible circumstances.

The works at the exhibition are very diverse, and one can see video works, drawings, paintings, installations, soundworks, performances, photoworks, and even a wedding is exposed as a work of art in the exhibition.

Chinese artists in the exhibition are: Yang Zhen zhong, Xu Zhen, Liang Yue, Liao Jia ping, Shen Hong cai, Lin Meiya, Tang Nan’nan, Gu Yue.
Rijksakademie artists in the exhibition: Bas Louter, Paulina Olowska, Stani Michiels, Arther Kleinjan, Goddy
Leye, Jesus Palomino, Ana Kadoic, Aam solleveld, Dieuw kespans, Agnes Geoffray, Erick Beltran, Ivan Grubanov, Dirk Kome, Covinda Mens, Chikako Watanabe, Adam Leech, Mark Kent, Sanja Medie, James Beckett and Gregg Smith.


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