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Widely exhibited in Europe and America Monahan and Schniger’s new work bares the influence of their recent experience in China, especially the constructive (and de3structive) energy of China’s drive to modernisation.

Schnitger also particepated in this year’s Shanghai Bienalle, where she addrdssed the theme of “Urban Creation” with a monumental textile sculpture. Her installation mimics the imagery and signage of comstruction zones, city slogans,and pedestrian instructions.For “Civilized Special Zone” at the Chinese European Art Center, Schnitger and Monahan extends the theme into a playful maze-like structure, that combines sculpture,drawings and installation. Schnitger will present an imposing sculpture that fuses traditional and modern Chinese fashion textiles, into a rebellious hybrid of history, genres and artforms

Monahan will exhibit a complex series of “blueprint” drawings. Produced with his own monoprint technique of folded carbon paper and rice paper, the drawings depict a wide range of imaginary places, human formations, and ornamental structures. The factuality of the bluprint format combines with the intricatedly hand drawn in a strangly serious cartoon world: endless cities, walls, parks and gardens, armies, and raw materials, appear and dissappear in a kaledescopic procession of linear designs.

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