For You

Lam de wolf


September 7 at 5 PM, 2001


September 7 till 30, 2001


CEAC, Xiamen, China

Lam de Wolf shows her new works from 7th of September till 30th of September 2001 in the CEAC, Xiamen University with “For You”. The exhibition shows new works and is a start of Lam de Wolf in China. Lam de Wolf showed more than 100 times, most of the time was in Europe, but also in U.S.A., Australia and Japan.

Lam de Wolf was born in 1949, as Lam de Wolf her name consists of 2 animals, Lamb and Wolf, 2 animals, in contradiction as well as in her character and so also in her works. If you have the feeling to understand her works, then suddenly there is the other side. Her works is autonomic and conceptual or designed. After her development at the Gerrit Rietueld Academy in Amsterdam, Holland, she was known by her very new types of jewellery. The slogan was “WEARABLES” or “NOT WEARABLES”. The one that wants to wear them was looking like a moving challenging art piece, a center of a discussion about jewellery, fashion, being human and art. If you didn’t want to wear them, (These were also very big.) you could hang the mon the wall, or put them somewhere as a 3-dimensional object. A lot of these “WEARABLES” are infamous collections of different museums all over the world. Besides the “WEARABLES”, Lam de Wolf made autonomic, textile art. These works consisted of single
elements, so the works could change in different sizes, dependent on the sizes of the exhibition place.

The last years Lam de Wolf also combined some of her autonomic and conceptual art with experimental art in which the public would become part of the artworks. An example: you see an almost empty room. On the ground, along the wall side, there are small packages, packed like presents. In the middle Lam deWolf is sitting on a table. She is talking with a visitor about life, dreams and the conversation ends with she giving one of the packages to the visitor, by let the visitor writing his/her name in the empty place on the ground. In the package is a present, connected to the visitor, Lam de Wolf says. Some visitors enjoyed the beauty of the package so much that they have till now never wanted to open it.

For the exhibition in CEAC, Lam de Wolf shows again alot of elements together: textiles and printings, traditional hand works near abstract art, inspired by the pixels of the computer. She herself chooses the name “Hand computer” for these works. Special for this show and for China are made:
A) .“For You” in which every visitor becomes part of the work by writing his/her wish into the work
B) .“Roses for China from Holland”. Roses are in Holland symbols of love, but roses are sharp things,
on which one can get hurt, beauty that can hurt; without lamb no wolf.


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