Rolling Snowball, Nanjing, 2018


December 15 at 3:00 PM, 2018


December 15 till January 16, 2018


Hall 3, 3rd floor of AMNUA


At 3:00 afternoon,on December 15, 2018.”Rolling Snowball•Nanjing” will be opened at AMNUA.This exhibition is led by Li Xiaoshan as the art director. Ineke Gudmundsson as the academic adviser and Chen Rui, Li Meilan are appointed as the curators. This exhibition will focus on the art works of 52 Chinese and foreign artists, including sketches,paintings,oil paintings,photography,installations,sculptures,performance,images and some comprehensive mediums.

Since 2010, “Rolling Snowball”project has been initiated by the China European Art Center and has been held for eleventh. The Rolling Snowball event brings together Chinese and foreign artists from different part of the world, whose fields span a wide range of media. This cultural exchange and cooperation has greatly enriched the culture, ideas and concepts of artists from all over the world, and helped them to refine their artistic views and redefine their relationship with the arts. This cross-cultural exchange is part of its thinking and is of great benefit to their work and connections at home and abroad.

International exchange is a nutrient for art itself. Art flows in every corner of the world. Cultural exchange can also be considered an art of perspectives. In the long history of intercultural relations, preconceptions and old narratives were tested, revised and adjusted through both dialogues and conflicts. In the best scenarios, we learn from one another and seek commonality despite differences, leading to deeper mutual understanding and greater mutual respect. The culture of the “other” is also like a mirror, reflecting our own cultural texture, so that we can look at ourselves more objectively through the perspective of the other. A richer perspective brings a broader perspective, and it allows us to become more aware of our own foothold in the broader world.

Participating artists: Bi Rongrong 毕蓉蓉/Bian Shaozhi 卞少之/ Bill Aitchison(UK)/Chen Yufei 陈宇飞/Cheng Ran 程然/Donald Schenkel(NL)/Dong Chenchen董琛琛/Eva Spierenburg(NL)/Fahrettin Orenli(Turkey/NL)/Gerald van der Kaap(NL)/Guido van der Werve(NL)/Guo Mengyao 郭梦垚/Guo Xi 郭熙/Han Feng 韩锋/Huang Zhenwei 黄臻伟& Heling/Irina Birger(Israel/ NL)/Inbu Pyo(Korea) 表仁夫/James Johnson-Perkins (UK)/Jia Zhixing 贾志兴/Jiang Peiyuan 姜培源/Jingfang Hao & Lingjie Wang 郝经芳&王令杰/Ke Jipeng 柯济鹏/Laura Puska(NL)/Li Nu 李怒/Liu Jiayu 刘佳玉/Luo Fan 罗凡/Luuk Schröder(NL)/Marjan Teeuwen(NL)/Maya Kramer(USA)/Meiya Lin(CN/NL)林美雅/Nick Renshaw(UK)/Park Woongkyu(Korea) 朴雄珪/Pedro Bakker(NL)/Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács(NL)/Peng Tao 彭涛/Scarlett Hooft Graafland(NL)/Shen Linghao 沈凌昊/Thor Vigfusson(IS)/Wang Zhigang(USA)王志刚/Wei Na 维娜/Xie Ai 谢爱/Xue Ruozhe 薛若哲/Xue Wenwen 薛问问/
Yang Jian 杨健/Yang Ah Ham(Korea/NL)咸良娥/Yang Zhiqian 阳芷倩/Zhang Yue 张玥/
Zheng Haozhong 郑皓中/Zhu Wei 祝炜.

Art Director: Li Xiaoshan 李小山
Academic Advisor: Ineke Gudmundsson, Qin Jian 秦俭
Curator: Chen Rui 陈瑞, Li Meilan 李梅兰


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