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The BOLOHO Series consists of 38 one-minute films. The BOLOHO Collective from Guangzhou in China together created 18 One Minutes and invited artists and filmmakers from all over the world to respond. An open call inviting artists to participate in this project was send out by CEAC and The One Minutes. The submitted films were send in from Belgium, China, France, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Rwanda, Spain and United Kingdom and will be installed together with BOLOHO’s compilation.

The installation of multiple projections will offer a kaleidoscopic whole, in which image and dialogue correspond in different contexts. The consciously created distraction will invite the spectator to move between the films and to extract a personal experience from the gained impressions.

“When eating jackfruit, people often throw away its center, not knowing that it can also be enjoyed as its own special delicacy. The name BOLOHO is a Cantonese romanization of the Chinese word for ‘jackfruit core’, and it is from the crevices of an old residential neighborhood in the core of the Guangzhou megalopolis where BOLOHO Collective began in 2019.

When we met The One Minutes, it was a period when many of our friends are preparing to leave Guangzhou for short and long term. Therefore, we liked to invite those who often cook, chat, and share food and life at BOLOHO to accomplish the ‘One Minute’ together. It is not only a gift for togetherness but also a blessing for the coming departure.

After the dinner, the group chose a few keywords in casual conversation and talked about their understanding of ‘One Minute’ one fixed shot, and one phrase…

We invited artists and filmmakers all over the world to participate. Along with the
tacit understanding that was diverging at all times, we met 38 travelers around the
world who found that minute in their journeys and time, making up the series you are
watching here.” BOLOHO

Participating Artists
冯頔 Qidi Feng, 柯冥 Christoph Plutte, 张煜航 Yuhang, 黄婉珊 CAT, 冯伟敬 Fong Waiking,
谭婧 Tan Jing,刘菂 Liu Di, 吴文礼 Wu Wenli, 朱建林 Zhu Jianlin, 李嘉欣 Li Jianxin,
弗赖德 Fred Lai, 谢思堰 Xie Siyan,李致恿 Li Zhiyong, 刘嘉雯 BUBU, 吴建儒 Jianru Wu,
贺聪 He Cong, Zhang Jiayi 禾, 郑可 ZHENGKE, Paul Malone,Lin Li & Chris Croft, Yinglin Zhou,
Anabela Costa, Yang Yu, Olivier De Vos, misha de ridder, Rita Casdia,丰丰 Fengfeng,
Remy Ryumugab, Gordon, Chris Furby, Tom van Veen, Yahav Gal, Zhiwan Cheung, Room 8,
Yuxuan Shi, anna recasens, Pierre Yves Clouin, Su Tomesen.

BOLOHO was initiated by two family women working away from home; a business venture
and a place to get some fresh air where they could sort out their lives and work.
In three years, the project developed into a ‘company’ platform based on the principles
of self-discipline, equality and mutual-aid, providing work for collaborators as well as
friends like them who cannot make a living from art alone. BOLOHO also allows them to
better understand how to live and work communally when taking jobs together, and provides
the opportunity to think about, discern and solve some of the real issues that we all face.
BOLOHO participated in documenta fifteen in Kassel, Germany.

Using the forces of video, The One Minutes wants to contribute to creating spaces for
free expression, collective imagination, and global solidarity in our different, yet
deeply interconnected realities.

Every two months, The One Minutes releases a new series of one-minute films exploring
our current time in moving images. Museums and cultural organisations around the world
subscribe to the series.

Send in your videos and participate in the project!

For 2023, The One Minutes will create a globally oriented program, focused on solidarity,
collectivity and equal allocation, with which we want to make more voices heard.

Jan/Feb ‘Rest Hard: an act of doing nothing in a safe company’ curated by Party Office
Send in your videos and participate in the project!


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