Wei Na


Saturday June 23 at 5 PM


June 23 till July 21, 2018


CEAC (Xiamen, China)


One question, many answers

People see many strangers during the day.
Very quickly they judge them, make estimation.
Is this guy in front of me mad?
What ugly shoes that woman is wearing.
I should never put a ring like that through my nose.
Why is this man looking so arrogant?
There is nothing wrong with these quick judgments of people’s appearance – the image they project.
It is a matter of survival.
However, I would like to hunt the moment from the outside to the inside. What is the connection between your inner world and the way you look like from the outside?
What is a unique personal character and what is not?
To approach people in an open way by photograph and dialogue.
The first impression is changed and the complete strangers, the everybody, suddenly turns into somebody.
Everyone is unique.

– Wei Na 2018

In her work, Wei Na is occupied with a research of people in their daily life. She focuses on the psychological aspects of her subjects. The result is always a conflict with the conventional attitudes and judgments of the society of the person in question.

Her recent project “Are you rich?” and the previous project “Tell me what love is” show the reality of contemporary Chinese society, where love and richness are on the edge of a changing revolution, through her own experiences and investigation, and discover some beautiful, interesting and wise ideas from all that.


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