Itinerario: a travel story

Emilie Hudig


Saturday November 26, 2016


November 26 till December 10, 2016


CEAC (Xiamen, China)


This is the artist’s first solo-show in China.

During her artist in residence at the CEAC Emilie Hudig made a travel story. Inspired by a long tradition of travelogues and journals, which goes back to the 1600’s when the famous Dutch skipper Bontekoe wrote about his voyages to the South Chinese Sea.

Her approach follows the more literary genre of the ‘imaginary travel story’ of which Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe is perhaps the most famous. As a photographer with both a documentary and a poetic body of work Hudig is inspired by Defoe because he made ‘truth seems like fiction and fiction like truth’.

In her ‘imaginary travel story’ she is exploring the relationship between objectivity and subjectivity and the role of intuition and creativity in relationship to depicting reality.

The word itinerary comes from the latin, itinerarǐus, it means a sequence of various points on a trajectory, it doesn’t have a minimum or maximum length of time and includes places, stops and accidents that can be found along the route.

About her work she says: ‘I am especially interested in the ‘accidents’ along the route. I seek for the perfect accident, the perfect imperfection in my images. Magical and mysterious. For me, a metaphor for life. At least my life.’


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