Paddy Lennon


Saturday February 27, 2016


February 27 till March 19, 2016


CEAC (Xiamen, China)


When Paddy Lennon paints what interests him in the work is its underlying abstraction. This is what generates its quality, its life and its innate truth. If the viewing can arouse sensations, thoughts, ideas and feelings and stimulate the viewer then for Lennon it is successful.

However an underlying thread runs through his work. The visual exuberance of the landscape, the richness and rhythm of life are all an essential element of his art. Over time the landscape has become minimal while colour and light came to suggest glimpses of the subject; sea, rock or sky. He uses vibrant colour and ethereal light to change the mood and atmosphere of these images asking the viewer to immerse themselves in the interplay of form and tone. Through a balance of colour, the light of the sun has been transcribed into his paintings through the vividness of hue giving an intense illumination. Lennon paints and draws a country whose existence is found only in his work. A country both imaginary and real. Formed from sensations, memories of a place connected by a sense of space and time. He lives his work before it comes into being.

Paddy’s short immersion in China has been a very liberating and exciting one. His work has taken some surprising turns. He has become more concerned with the exploration of the medium itself and the challenge of taking his work (still tentatively connected to figuration and landscape) to another level.

These paintings are from the storehouse of his memory. He has not forced a particular style or look. Instead he has allowed the work to develop in a natural way. This process allows the work to become open to discovery. Through this Lennon achieves a harmony and an art of balance. Sometimes his work is somewhat sombre and mysterious but it is always an uncluttered essence, subtle and evocative. He creates an emotional resonance that not only attracts the viewer but remains with them long after viewing the work.


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