Does the branch know there is a trunk?

G.J. de Rook


Friday December 31,2010 at 5pm


31 December 2010 till 22 January 2011


CEAC, Xiamen, China

Dutch visual artist G.J. de Rook came to China to look for an answer to the question he did not find in Europe: ‘Does the branch know there is a trunk?’

After making a number of ‘language sculptures’- site-specific installations in which he only used words – his exhibition in Xiamen will be his first effort to make a installation only using images from different sources.

De Rook uses the branch-trunk relation as a metaphor for the many questions which intrigue him. In short, they can be summed up in the three sentences by the French painter Paul Gauguin :’Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?’ Besides as metaphorical, the artist regards trees as a suitable tool for answering his basic question.

His research led him to study the different aspects of trees in his home country as well in Xiamen. This made him realize that the branch-tree relation forms the core of a longer chain: soil – seed – roots -stem/trunk – branch – leaves – flowers/fruit. He devotes some attention to a few at these subjects, but the branch and the tree get most attention. G.J. de Rook is well aware that it is possible, even probable; he will never be able to find the right answer to his question. But perhaps this first visual presentation of his ongoing project at CEAC will lead the visitors to form their own perspectives on these matters.


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