group exhibition


September 22 at 5 PM, 2006


September 22 till October 22, 2006


CEAC, Xiamen, China

The Chinese European Art Center invites you to the exhibition ELEVATED WORLD, a project of cooperation between postgraduate students of the Multimedia Department of Xiamen University Art College and the MFA students of the Sandberg Institute of Amsterdam.Six Dutch and seven Chinese students worked together in high-pressure workshops. The young artists challenged each other by researching mutually their cultural experience, knowledge and their ability to improvise. Besides these fresh and surprising new works, individual installations are also on show.

These art works have mostly been prepared quietly at home. One of these works is a dreamlike drawing device, invented to make the pencil drawing randomly,blown as it is by soft currents of air. As unpredictable will be the new big wall and floor drawing installation: the result of an intense workshop started by sending photographs of body parts by e-mail. Often reflections on our daily world surface in the works, that are playful and a bit surreal. Or dramatic, like the man who loses his head.

Elevated World refers to a world with high-rise buildings, an elevator world that needs a little help from artists in order to be lifted.

The exhibition occurs in two spaces: in the CEAC and on the 2th floor of the nearby new building.

• Yasser Ballemans
• Liu Fang,Jurrian van den Haak
• Tom Hillewaere
• Yang Jian
• Min Lan
• Wang Lihong
• Marinke Marcelis
• Cao Minzhu
• Wei Na
• Linda Pijnacker
• Richtje Reinsma and Chen Wei


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