Various artists


juli 14th, 2018


14/07 – 19/08, 2018


Djupivogur, Iceland, Europe

Welcome to the 11th edition of the Chinese European Art Center’s beloved Rolling Snowball international contemporary art exhibition, also the 5th here in Djúpivogur, Iceland, which we proudly and gratefully present in partnership with the municipality of Djúpivogur for the 5th consecutive year. As many of you know, it is in CEAC’s nearly 20 years of tradition not to set a thematic curatorial frame to the Rolling Snowball exhibitions other than the event itself. And this year is no exception. Again, in organizing this event, we strive to preserve a degree of spontaneity and informality, which we hold dear and with a touch of nostalgia in today’s increasingly commodified world of art. The eclectic selection of this exhibition features the works of many artists who have completed fruitful residencies with CEAC atits base on the tropical island of Xiamen in South China. Some have participated in previous Rolling Snowball exhibitions in very different contexts. Among these works by contemporary artists, one will also find the creations of their precursors from the recent past, who are no longer with us but whose work’s may continue to inspire, surprise and fascinate us. What’s more, thanks to CEAC’s long-time friend and partner, the Hafnia Foundation, we also enjoy the rare opportunity to explore the imagery of China’s 70s and 80s through the Foundation’s extensive collection of original propaganda posters, known as one of the largest of its kind in the world.
With such a vast range of images, objects and performances on offer, it is our wish for this occasion to be one in which each and every piece of work by this diverse collection of artists may be viewed in its own right. That is to say, we wish that the viewer may encounter the work with a minimal intervention on our part and come to their own conclusions about the individual artworks and relations between them as a whole. Ultimately, isn’t creativity essentially the act of “connecting the dots” in one’s own unique and original ways?
Here in Djúpivogur, Iceland, we again gather on this legendary land blessed with its unique blend of civilization and awe-inspiring nature, away from the madding crowds, to be in the company of friends old and new and to share with one another stories, experiences and ideas from places that, while perhaps far away, are still close to the heart.
Finally, it is our hope that the glorious literary tradition of this land of seafarers and travellers will inspire us, visitors and residents alike, to continue to travel and to use art -auniversal language we all speak – to tell stories both of our individual lives and our shared humanity.

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