“The Sea That Stands Before Me…”


December 16 at 5 PM, 2023


December 16, 2023 till 30, 2023


CEAC, Xiamen, China

Faced with hope or despair, humanity often navigates the unknown in life to find what it desires. In their quest for something more, they leave behind the comforts of what was once familiar. Nothing is assured when venturing into the open waters.

“The Sea That Stands Before Me…”, is an exhibition contemplating the notion of one’s devotion to living as a form of armament. My conceptual practice continues its inquiries into psychology, folklore, mythology, and philosophy, binding them as a cohesive tale.

How do we find one’s dreams if all seems lost? Can we rise from sorrow to feel worthy of embracing life again? These are the questions posed in the form of digital video landscapes, 3D-printed sculptures, and neon lights.

The experience of dreaming is one of the most universal of human experiences. “As Far As I Could See…” is a series of digital landscapes that illustrates this aimless sense of wandering merged with solitude. At times, the sensation seems almost symphonic.

When left to silence and to our own devices, our minds tend to wander, losing their ability to focus. “…The Things I Never Said” and “These Are My Letters…Forever & Ever” are companion pieces arranged as still-lifes. Wishes that go unspoken are often the most unsettling. Each sculpture is elegantly engraved with passages of text indicating the significance of the series, encased in vintage glass inkwells and bottles that contain 3D-printed quills and scrolls of letters.

Resembling washed-up debris in the shape of neon lights, this installation sits motionlessly against a wall, reminding us of the outside forces one cannot control, like a tide that cannot cease. We accept all potential by allowing ourselves to ease into life’s cadence.

Investigating loss and finding catharsis, “It’s Not A Lot…But It’s Something” are diptych sculptures lathered in electromagnetic chrome, resembling a couple of oversized dessert jellies. Galvanized by its exterior shell, these amorphous beings are captured in stasis like a memory frozen in time.

Much like the spirit of a celestial star, once a starfish becomes deceased, its body ceases to exist as a whole, transforming itself by releasing its physical form. Resisting the longing to calcify, “This Is Where I Wish To Be…” are a series of sculptures plated in electromagnetic chrome and embellished with candy to conceal their diminishment in size, preparing to celebrate the next phase of their journey.


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